$7 Miracle Disaster Relief

Rise above the wreckage

Life is unexpected; there’s no denying that. When Hurricane Michael hit, Harvest Worship Center sustained damages far beyond what we thought was possible. With your assistance, Harvest will rise above the wreckage.

Change begins with one step in the right direction. With your generous donation, we can restore and rebuild Harvest Worship Center.

Our Story

Harvest Worship Center was built 30 years ago under the leadership of Pastor John R. Ramsey. Since them, the church has grown with the development of The Harvest Christian Academy, licensed for 134 students.

At Harvest, all are welcomed. We aspire to assist people from all walks of life. We strive to create an environment where your family is our family.

The Storm That Come to Past

October 10, 2018. A day that changed so many lives. A category 5 hurricane swept through Panama City, destroying Harvest Worship Center in the process. The storm was fierce with winds raged at 155 mph.

A place of shelter and refuge. A beacon of hope for the community, crippled in a matter of minutes. The roof completely stripped away. The walls caved in. An unfamiliar building left standing.

Here we are today, believing and knowing the best is yet to come. The wreckage remains a humbling reminder to hold onto faith and trust God during the process.

Our Mission

To sum up Harvest’s mission in one word… our mission is people. The church has a state-certified voluntary pre-k program licensed for 134 students from 8 weeks old to pre-k age. We currently have over 35 students on scholarship through a state program for at-risk children, eight of whom attend the school. For 20 years (1998–2018) during election season, Harvest has served as a voting station. Over the years, many girl scout meetings have taken place at the church.

Prison ministry was a part of operations. Members would volunteer to go into the prison to mentor and give inmates a better alternative.

Each month, Harvest serves over 5000 hot meals to the community. With your donation, we can finish rebuilding and return Harvest Worship Center to its rightful position in the community, being a helping hand for others.

Impact on the Community

Despite the odds, Harvest Worship Center continuously provides roughly 5,000 monthly hot meals. Pastor Ramsey tirelessly attends every single function to offer sermon, friendship, and compassion, while still providing childcare in small groups at temporary facilities.

Harvest Worship Center has been involved in many humanitarian efforts within the community. It has stood unwavering as a pillar of graciousness for local communities for years on end. The open doors have provided unconditional love to any person in need. It has facilitated services such as volunteering, childcare, food distribution, prison ministries, and education.

The Extent of Your Donations

Ongoing efforts to refurbish and restore the church have been slow-going but still, continue forward! Though we have raised partial funds, there is nevertheless, much that needs to be done.

  • The existing pre-engineered structure of approximately 13,456-GSF would be studied and analyzed for damage and what repairs are required, including any necessary additional bracing, framing, or wind mitigation elements to withstand 150-mph wind speed design. We anticipate that the first north bay of the upper sanctuary roof would be carefully demolished, removed and replaced.
  • Building interior will be torn down with the exception of metal framing.
  • Main Sanctuary space: approximately 7,000-SF with a raised stage, audio and visual control areas and storage.
  • Foyer_ approximately 2,400-SF of a mostly rebuilt structure with a modern architectural design.
  • Rebuild classrooms for 2 to 4-years old: 6-spaces totaling approximately 4,000-SF.
  • Rebuild public restroom: approximately 800-SF (verify with code).
  • Rebuild offices: approximately 300-SF.
  • Rebuild exterior covered loading area: 768-SF.
  • Second Level: Rebuild offices restrooms 7 AV Control: approximately 2,400-SF.

Behind the $7 Miracle Disaster Relief

Seven is more than just a number. 7 is perfection.

A survey was taken among a multitude of 44,000 people. When asked what their favorite number was, the majority mentioned the number seven. It is a given that 7 is a favorable number. Many may not know, the number seven poses much more significance.

Biblically speaking, seven is divine. At the beginning of it all, God created heaven and earth then rested on the seventh day, thus shaping the seven days of the week we are familiar with.

With the gathering of seven men, Jesus gave us the Lord’s prayer, and notably, the prayer contains 7 petitions.

There is an abundance of philosophy, psychology, mythology, superstition, and great historical facts surrounding this mystique prime number. I’m sure you’ve heard of the 7 Wonders of the World (a bucket list item for most).

We can continue on and on referencing the impact of the number seven, but when it comes down to it, the number 7 is the number of completeness. And that is the reason for the “$7 Miracle Disaster Relief“. It has been over two years since Hurricane Michael. Harvest Worship Center has been destroyed, members have been scattered, services were conducted in the parking lot, efforts to support our community have been to a minimum. That era of struggle and uncertainty is over. Your seven-dollar donation today will assist in the complete rebuild of Harvest.

Our Supporters

Pat Perno

City of Lynn Haven Commissioner

“Harvest Worship Center, I hope you can rebuild stronger through your grant and fundraising.”


Brandon Aldridge

City of Lynn Haven Commissioner

“I think it’s important people be able to return to Church after the difficult years we have had and will gladly support a HWC rebuild effort.”

Judy Tinder

City of Lynn Haven Commissioner

“I would be happy to endorse your efforts!”


Regardless of how much you are able or willing to donate, every dollar matters. Thank you in advance for your generosity and assistance!

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Join us this Sunday at 10:30am! All are welcome. We would love to have you as our visitor.

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