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The Eye of The Storm

The Eye of The Storm

On October 10, 2018, our church and our school were destroyed by Hurricane Michael. We had thousands of dollars in insurance coverage but not wind coverage for our main sanctuary and school.

Out of four buildings, three were deemed a total loss. All of our furniture, equipment and supplies were completely destroyed in the storm.

Thanks to FEMA’s grant, a portion of the rebuild will be covered, but not entirely. The project is so large; we will need your help to meet the construction costs.

Our church was not the only one affected by Hurricane Michael. Many Panama City residences lost their homes, properties, source of income, and for some, their lives. Harvest Worship Center must rebuild from the wreckage. We must get back to playing our part in the community by supporting our fellow residences, opening our doors to those in need of help, and carrying forth humanitarian efforts.

Our Part…

For 30 years Harvest Worship Center and Harvest Christian Academy has been a place of ministry and learning to our community. A place of worship, childcare, prison ministries, and food distribution. We have served as a voting pole location and hurricane shelter.

Our ministry continues even now. In our temporary location, we still serve approximately 5,000 hot meals a month.

…Now Yours

We are believing in a gift of $7 from as many people as are willing to help us. Of course, you can give more, but giving a little and helping us spread the word could be just as helpful.

When we think of miracles, we think of Moses parting the Red Sea, or when Jesus turned water into wine. A great supernatural act beyond our comprehension. We often fail to see in these miracles, and in all the miracles in the Bible, God used people to make it happen. It was his power and our faith that met the need.

This is where we got the idea of the “Seven Dollar Miracle.” We do not need you to give one million dollars; we need you to give 7 dollars.

On October 9, 2018, the day before the hurricane, Harvest Worship Center opened its doors to anyone seeking shelter from the storm. And now we are asking you to open your heart to a cause no stranger to giving back.

Please help us today and be a part of our Seven Dollar Miracle.

Watch the breathtaking documentary, Surviving Hurricane Michael told by the individuals that caried out the storm bunkered in the church.

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